Divinity Nougat Stanna Dapper

        Cream Cheese Fondant Stanna Dapper

3 oz cream cheese  (room temp)
1/3 cube butter  (room temp)
1 lb powdered sugar

Maraschino Cherries drained at least 24 hours.  Stir sugar into creamed butter and cheese with spoon until it is too stiff and then knead with hands until smooth.  Roll into balls about the size of marbles.  Flatten and wrap around cherries that have been drained at least 24 hours.  Dip in chocolate and let stand 1 to 2 weeks before eating.

This recipe also makes delicious mints.  Just add mint flavoring and food coloring of choice to above recipe and shape as mints. 

1 recipe makes 43-45.  Can be doubled.