Brining a Turkey

                Brining a Turkey

2 gallons cold water
1 ½ cups  Morton kosher salt
¼ cup sugar

Mix cold water, salt and sugar in brining vessel and stir to dissolve salt and sugar

Immerse turkey in brine, seal and refrigerate.

1 hour per pound, but not less than 30 minutes or more than 8 hours

Brining Vessels
From plastic zipper-lock bags that fit on the shelf of the refrigerator to the self-contained cooler chilled with ice packs and stored in a cool garage or cellar, brining vessels come in all shapes and sizes.  When brining in coolers or large containers, it may be necessary to weigh the food down with a wide, heavy object such as a dinner plate or soup bowl.  This helps keep the food fully immersed in the brine.

I like to use a 5-gallon plastic bucket.  I submerge the turkey in the brine as much as possible.  Sometimes the drumstick ends don’t get completely covered.  It needs to be refrigerated.  If your refrigerator won’t hold the bucket then you should consider the suggested method above of putting the turkey in an ice chest chilled with ice packs. 

After brining, rinse the turkey and cook as usual.